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Bullmastiff    Rescue
Martha when we first collected her from the RSPCA


Her history is that when she was 2 weeks old, the RSPCA raided a puppy farm and rescued dozens of dogs of numerous breeds. Martha was in a litter of 8. Sadly 5 subsequently died, but her and two of her litter brothers survived. We met her mum, Dancer, who was a sweetie, but terribly over bred, she was thin, frail, exhausted and had suffered from entropian. Apparently when the RSPCA rescued her, one of her eyes had grown into a huge ulcer. Fortunately their vets managed to save her eye, but she was very ill for some time.

Martha was 9 months old when we met her. Rehoming her could not happen until a certain stage in the court hearings, hence being so long in rescue. Sadly rehoming of the adult dogs could not occur until even later.

Martha  a few weeks later

There are a number of breed rescue schemes that raise money to support efforts to look after and re-home bullmastiffs. Please click on the link below for more information.

All offers of support or donations are gratefully received by Bullmastiff Rescue and Adoption.