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Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

CH Ferdhu Rostar JW

Ferdhu Major Valour at Dakara

Leyrigg My Brandy

CH Careless Whisper of Meitzig

Leyrigg Carlie Caprie

Pitmans Miss Grace

Rodekes Day Tripper of Lombardy

Jobull’s Julie

Bunsoro Youphoroa Jump For Joy

Bunsoro Hot Chocolate

CH Bunsoro Red Sails

Kingsreach Falcon of Bunsorio

Bunsoro Red Molly

Kingsreach The Navigator of Murbisa

Jamemos Birita of Bunsoro

Jenmore Sugarheart

CH Bunsoro Bymesen

CH Red Velvet Knight of Bunsoro

CH Bunsoro Red Sails

Ferlines Dayna of Ballyheath

Jamemos Birita of Bunsoro

Bosun of Bunsoro

Jamemos Regal Bee

Truly Tabbitha at Jenmore

Gilfach Storm

CH Bunsoro Red Sails

Ferlines Dayna of Ballyheath

Garrack Simply Stunning

CH Bunsoro Red Sails

Ricci Justine Thyme of Garrack

Nells’s Pedigree
Up. Nell's Story. Nell's Pedigree. Nell's Sire and Dam.