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Bosworth came to live with me in spring 2001. He was bred by Jeanette Cox, of Coxellot Bullmastiffs, who lives in Bristol.

I had been researching the breed on the internet for over a year, read Alan and Mave Rostrons book “Bullmastiffs, An Owner’s Companion” from cover to cover and Cath Ambler of Cathaljay Bullmastifs, had kindly let me visit her home, meet her dogs, see her very impressive set up and answer the millions of questions I had.

I wanted a large male dog, who would be as soft as a pussy cat with me, but also a protector. I chose brindle as that was the colour Bullmastiffs were originally bred as for gamekeepers, and I just fell in love with the colour.

When I met Boz (then known as Tiger) and his litter siblings. he most definitely chose me. There were so many gorgeous puppies there of which a good many were brindle, I would have had difficulty choosing one, especially as I was then so naïve. I sat on the floor and let the puppies clamber all over me, Boz however clambered and stayed…so my boy was chosen.  

He proved his worth when he was only 5 months old, when I had an intruder at my home. All he did was bark, but oh boy what a bark!!!!! And I saw the perpetrator run like the wind!!!!

He was a lively puppy and a devoted friend from the off. The speed at which Bullmastiffs grow was such an eye opener and I learnt, to my cost, that when a Bullmastiff is teething, nothing is sacred and those big powerful jaws wreak havoc!!!!!

During the summer of  2003 I sold my house and moved in with Gareth…much to Boz’s delight. It was only a few months later when we decided to have another Bullmastiff as company for Boz. Hence Martha came to live with us. Please read about Martha’s rescue on her own page.

Boz and Martha adored each other instantly, and are still totally devoted to each other.

It wasn’t until September 2004, when urged by a good friend of ours Jane Taylor of Trebrad Bullmastiffs, we showed Boz for the first time. He was four and a half years old then, so a real challenge as he had no ring craft traing of any sort, but he came first in three classes!!

Bosworth’s Story

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