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Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

CH Flintstock Mad About The Boy

CH Brinscall Barnaby

CH Graecia Centaur

Struanmor An Nuna

Batheda of Ellisdene

Gilcliffe Daisy of Brinscall

CH Galastock Danny Boy

Brickwall Purdey

Poachersfoe Pandemonium at Flintstock

CH Graecia Mercury

CH Saturn of Graecia

Graecia Gemini

CH Dajean Golddust The Poachersfoe

CH Saturn of Graecia

Dajean Golden Autocrat

Barrus Miss Muriel

Barrus St Anthony

Barrus St John

Bournevalley Trojans Legacy

Barrus Marietta

Barrus Querida

CH Jagofpeeko Wood Sorrel

Barrus Marietta

Barrus Tadpole

Barrus Bosanquet

CH Jagofpeeko Wood Sorrel

Barrus Kagera

Barrus Blackbird

Dajean Our Man Flint

Coltasca Song Thrush of Barrus

Bosworth’s Pedigree
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