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Having decided we wanted another Bully as company for Boz, I rang around a few rescue homes. I wanted a bitch, and one younger than Boz, who was then two and a bit years old. Other than that, the only pre-requisite being that the two dogs liked each other. Breeding was never on the cards, so we were happy to have a bitch that had been spayed.

A call told me of a rescue bitch in the RSPCA in Shrewsbury. We drove over to meet her, knowing nothing about her at that stage.

Martha was painfully thin, and not a very attractive looking Bully. She was timid yet very affectionate, and I have to say it was love at first site. Her skitsy nature I hoped would be soothed by our love and Boz’s laid back attitude to life, but first we had to ensure they would mix well together.

On our next visit we took Boz with us. We need not have had any worries as they hit it off from the start.  So plans were made for our home visit assessment, and with that successfully passed, one week later we drove to Shrewsbury to collect Martha.

Aware that meeting on neutral ground, is very different from meeting on Boz’s territory, we hoped it would be successful, and we had separation strategies in place, just in case.

There was no need to worry. Boz’s face when he first saw Martha was one of sheer delight, his expression most definitely said “Oh wow, you have brought her home to me!!!”

It was fabulous to watch them together. Martha was a very nervy girl, she had had little in the way of socialising, so being at our home meant she was experiencing a lot of things for the very first time. Boz, took her under his wing, so to speak.  He showed her around the garden, took her into his run and kennel, taught her how to play with toys, licked her comfortingly when she got jittery, and snuggled up with her at bedtime.

The first time we gave Martha an oxtail she hadn’t a clue what to do with it, and watched and copied Boz as he, in his usual very focused manner, munched his way through it.

It didn’t take Martha long to settle in. Whilst still a little jittery, she blossomed and her true nature showed through. She was fun, mischievous, lively and so very, very loving.

Martha’s Story

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