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Nell’s Story

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Nell was bred by our friend Debbie Morgan of Jenmore Bullmastiffs in the Rhonda Valley.

She was one of eleven puppies, seven girls and four boys.

We first met Nell when she was 5 ½ weeks old and took to her instantly.

She isn’t as calm as Troy, but is certainly as bomb proof. She took to living with us and our other Bullies really well but is a mischievous little minx. We have a wild life pond at the bottom of our garden. It is reasonably safe as ponds go because it has sloping sides to enable easy exit, which is fortunate because Nell took a head first dive straight into the water. I dare say that surprised the newts!!! Far from frightening Nell she thought it was a great wheeze, though the on looking Troy was really worried. However I am happy to say she hasn’t tried that trick again. Instead she did a Houdini from her run, got trapped behind her kennel and seems convinced that her toilet is in her cage and not in the garden like the others. Still it is early days for Nell as we have only had her a few weeks and I am happy to report that toilet training is definitely starting to sink in!!

Nell and Troy became great pals at once and despite the slight age (seven weeks) and considerable size difference, they play together wonderfully.

Our lively little Nell has the most beautiful head and is showing her true Bully characteristics already. A sweet, loving little angel, who is happy to meet everyone and everything, and takes it all in her stride.

Nell qualified for Crufts on her first Champ show, still aged 6 months old!! And she subsequently gained a 2nd and a 3rd at Crufts 2007.