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Jasmine came to live with us in the summer of 2007 from Jeannette Cox of Coxellot Bullmastiffs. She was the great niece of Bosworth, and I am sure she and Boz knew it. Whenever she could Jasmine would find Boz and snuggle up with him. He was so wonderfully tolerant of all the puppies we ever brought home, but it seemed that to him, Jasmine was special.

She and Freya were best friends and had heaps of fun together. As a pair we nick named the two, the Gremlins! Jasmine is a high energy bullmastiff and was a very active puppy.  She bounced around gaining her the nickname of Tigger or Duracell dog. Her philosophy appears to be “why use four legs when two will do”!

Considering that for the early months bullys should be prevented from too much exercise, we did worry about her because Jasmine could get loads of exercise no matter how contained she was. So we were delighted when we had her hip scored, that she came out at an excellent score of 10:7. And she has grown into a very fit, agile and beautiful Bullmastiff.

We haven’t campaigned Jasmine in the show ring very much, because after little Freya passed away, she sought comfort from Martha our rescue bully and didn’t like to be away from her. However she has qualified for and been placed in Crufts each year and has acquired her share of red rosettes.

Martha makes a brilliant nanny. Being a rescue dog, and not a brilliant specimen of the breed, we had her spayed. So never having a litter of her own, she takes it upon herself to care for the little ones as they arrive. However Martha is getting older and she didn’t have the stamina to play with live wire Jasmine as she grew bigger, so Bertie came to live with us to be her buddy and they instantly became best mates.

Jasmine had her first litter of pups, sired by Troy on the 5th July 2009.

Jasmine’s Story

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