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Freya came to live with us in the summer of 2007, from Trudy Talbot of Talbadan Bullmastiffs.

She and Jasmine were inseparable, being so close in age they were perfect playmates. We nicknamed them the Gremlins and we had some huge fun showing them as a brace. Otherwise if they were both in the ring together we tried to keep them apart as they both saw it as a great opportunity to have heaps of fun, and at times even made the judge laugh! But she still gained a number of red rosettes and a shield.

Freya was such a beauty, with lovely dark eyes and huge ears that she never grew into, because sadly she passed away when she was 11 months old.

She and Jasmine were in their run as we were handing out oxtails as a treat for all the dogs. We tend to separate our dogs when particularly juicy treats are on offer, as a couple of the bigger stronger dogs would sometimes try to nick the treats off the babies!!

We went back 15 minutes later and both girls were curled up in their kennel. Gareth called them, to bring them inside and only Jasmine jumped out to greet him. Puzzled at first, Gareth looked in the kennel and there was Freya, snug as a bug. He called her again and tried to rouse her and though she was warm, he realised to his horror she had died. Gareth tried in vain to resuscitate her, but sadly it was too late.

Our vets did an autopsy, but could  find no known cause for her death. He likened it to a cot death.

Darling little Freya, after enjoying her treat, had curled up in her kennel with her best friend, had fallen asleep and never woke up.

It was so traumatic for us, yet we can be grateful knowing that she passed on so peacefully.

Rest in peace beautiful Freya, we loved you so much and will always miss you.

Freya’s Story

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